LUNAR Europe

LUNAR is a global design firm with LUNAR Europe in Munich, Germany as its European headquarters. We help our clients to innovate and create experiences that are relevant to their customers. Our cross-disciplinary team of designers, engineers, researchers and strategists, uses a variety of techniques to craft relationships between people and products. Marrying empathy for people with a deep understanding of how products should behave, we create remarkable experiences that people love.

uwid University of Wuppertal Industrial Design

The course of studies “Industrial Design” at the University of Wuppertal Industrial Design (uwid) offers a practical academic education of product development which focuses on processes. A specific feature of Industrial Design at uwid is to extend the core competence of the industrial designer by academically/scientifically sound methods of innovation development and strategy development. 

uwid has positioned itself clearly: Here, future scenarios are anticipated, the orientation towards international claims and support of strategical-integrative abilities of an service-oriented product development are central to the academic education.

uwid – the future is made here

Green City e.V.

Green City e.V. is the biggest environmental organisation in Munich. Since 1990 we create a people-friendly and green Munich: with intelligent mobility, sustainable city planning and climate protection. At Green City e.V., we realize our ideas and projects with a lot of passion, creativity and by involving people right in their neighbourhood. Our Munich is a Munich from people for people.

Today an office team of 13 employees is accompanied by more than 1.000 active volunteers and supporters.

mo is a joint project by three organisations:

Design firm LUNAR Europe, environmental organisation Green City e.V.  and the University of Wuppertal. Together the interdisciplinary team, led by industrial designer Dirk Hessenbruch, worked on how to make a difference in cities by changing the mobility paradigm to make the city a better place to live.

Our human centered design approach went from careful analysis of user behaviour, needs and wishes through close examination of current circumstances in today‘s cities. It has led to the development of mo, a new mobility system, designed to change user behaviour and encourage eco-friendly decisions every day, again and again.

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